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Trinity music offers variety of music lessons, reserve your spot today or inquire for some more information

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Trinity Music now has storefront in Chestermere, formerly Saks Music. Come by and say hi!


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For Music Lessons

Trinity music offers variety of music lessons, reserve your spot today or inquire for some more information

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At Trinity Music we offer an array of private lessons with highly qualified and  personable teachers for students of all ages. Our skilled instructors are well versed in many instruments including piano, guitar, bass guitar, voice, drums/percussion, violin, cello, viola, ukulele, flute, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, trombone and many more.
We pride ourselves on providing a fun and encouraging atmosphere in a professional music school environment to aid in the development of our students musical abilities. Lessons are tailored to each student and focus on their stylistic interests so they can learn the technique and theory to build their skills and play the music they love.
Please see our student policy below for more information/pricing regarding private lessons.
We also offer repairs on most instruments from:
Acoustic guitar, electric guitar, banjo, mandolin, ukulele, trumpets, trombones, bass guitar, clarinet, flute, oboe, drums, amplifiers, pedals.

Contact us for information about a damaged instrument.  Our prices are competitive and our service is next to none. We're not happy until you are happy!

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“I really enjoy music lessons. I understand what the teacher is saying and it helps me know how people play together as a group. I am interested in different kinds of music because I can hear the beats better and understand the music ”

- Jacey Burgardt

“I really enjoy music lessons. I understand what the teacher is saying and it helps me know how people play together as a group. I am interested in different kinds of music because I can hear the beats better and understand the music ”

All of our 3/4 size guitars are on sale for $99.95 for a limited time only!

Not quite able to handle a full size guitar? We got you covered for those young ones who really want to play

Check out our storefront Monday-Friday from 12PM - 9PM & Saturday 10am-5pm for any repairs, various instruments, books, and other accessories.

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Lil' Vibes10/09/2015

Lil' Vibes

When: 10/09/2015
Where: Chestermere, AB

Lil' Vibes is a program specifically designed for baby and preschool aged children to start the love of music early! Music is proven to be an important part in the development of children in the early years.

Everyone, at any age, can enjoy listening to music. All they need to do is attend, perceive, relax, and enjoy. If three- and four-year-olds have had sufficient background experiences with music, they can listen attentively, picking out sounds of specific instruments from a recording if they have been introduced to the instrument. They enjoy making their own sounds as they listen to music, applying concepts of loud, soft, happy, sad, light, heavy, fast, or slow.

Five-year-olds advance from making gross discriminations in sounds to making fine discriminations. They are able to listen to a story song, piano selection, or recording of an orchestra and can discuss the performance and their listening experience as well (MENC, 1994).

This class meets every Thursday morning for 7 consecutive weeks, and encourages young ones to play, sing, dance and move with music, games and toys!

Summer Celebration28/09/2015

Summer Celebration

When: 28/09/2015
Where: 413 W Cordova St, Vancouver, BC V6B 1E5

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Darrell Pallo- MME

Violin / Guitar / Banjo / Piano

I started taking music lessons at 5 years of age and continued until I was 18. At the age of 14, I started to teach music and I continue to teach all who want to learn to this day. (40+ years) In school I was introduced to most of the instruments that I now play, and I was involved with the choirs, jazz, junior and senior bands. Once out of school, I continued to teach music on all of the instruments I played, around 43 different ones. I now hold my Masters in Music Education from Corllins University.

I have many diplomas in music. Voice, sight reading are just a few to mention. I find teaching students of all ages very rewarding and I strive to make lessons fun as well as rewarding for each one. I believe anyone who desires to learn an instrument can do so with practice and a positive attitude towards learning.

John Sinclair

Piano / Voice / Guitar / Bass

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Jesse Kruger

Guitar / Bass / Ukulele

Jesse studied jazz at Mt Royal College, and has played in bands ranging from Metal to Jazz to Funk. He's played on cruise ships, in big bands, and played with some of the best bands in Alberta and Canada. He has also been teaching guitar for over 8 years.

Colleen Reinhart

Piano / Voice

Born in Calgary Alberta>
Studied Music at University of Calgary >
Voice Major and Piano Minor
Received Bachelor of Music 1980 >
Studied pipe Organ at Mount Royal University
Grade 8 Royal Conservatory>
Received Grade 10 piano and Grade 8 singing
Toronto Royal Conservatory >
Currently employed at Trinity
Music since 2011 to present >
Previously employed at Irene Besse for 2 years >
Taught privately since 1974 >
Also Currently employed as musician and music Director
at St. Thomas More Catholic
Church since 2005. >
Played and sang Music in churches since age 14 >
Check out my CD on 'You Tube'.
Colleen Connolly. Forever Rose. (Excerpts). all original songs
*Connolly*. maiden name

James "Jim" Baxter

Guitar / Ukelele

Jim has been a working musician for thirty years and has taught guitar, bass and lap steel for twelve years. He released his own CD last year and lives in Strathmore.

Brett Pugh


With more than a decade of drumming experience, Brett Pugh has cultivated proficiency for playing and teaching afforded only by hard work. He has been involved in numerous projects, bands, and camps since he first started taking formal lessons with Mike Shuett of the Calgary philharmonic orchestra at fourteen. From his middle school jazz band, Brett acquired the Most Promising Jazz Student award, and has continually renewed that promise. Besides his involvement in Jazz Band throughout his schooling, Brett has attended the Mt Royal Jazz Summer Camp for four years, as well as teaching at the Chinook School of Music. He then moved to Nelson, BC for two years, where he enrolled in the Contemporary Music & Tech Program before returning to Calgary.

Brett specializes in rock, funk, jazz, blues and pop, but his awareness of the fundamentals of drumming makes his teaching universal. Moreover, his generosity and relaxed attitude establishes a constructive environment for learning.

Since January of 2014, Brett has taught students of all ages and backgrounds at Saks Music. He currently teaches at Trinity Music.

Margot Pagaling


Margot just recently graduated with a Bachelor of Music from Ambrose University, and studied piano under Edwin Gnandt and Peter Jancewicz.

She began taking piano lessons at the age of five and started teaching beginner piano when she was 16 and continued teaching throughout high school and university. While in university, Margot gained experience in conducting, musical education and piano pedagogy, and also performed as a soloist, conductor, and as part of the Ambrose choir ensembles while completing her degree. Currently, Margot works as a Music Director at her church, and continues to teach piano. Margot loves creating teaching environments where students can learn and improve while having fun and being creative.

Kayla Kelly

Violin / Guitar / Banjo / Piano

I have been involved with children's music programs for over 3 years and have been playing guitar for over 14 yrs. I have also dabbled in percussion, piano and woodwind instruments but my passion is guitar! I really enjoying sharing my passion of music with children of all ages, especially in the development of young children through games and play. I have twin boys who keep me on my toes, and are the reason why I do what I do! I strongly believe that music is key in the development of who we are as individuals.
I am so grateful I can do what I love and share it with others!

Tatum Pallo

Guitar / Drums / Voice

I have been playing guitar and drums for 6 years and piano for one. I have my grade one in guitar & piano, and am working towards my grade 2. I have been teaching music programs in daycares for 2 years now along with being a children's entertainer. I have been teaching beginner drums and guitar for the last 6 months on my own.

I will be teaching for Trinity Music in the next coming season and am more than excited to learn more and to be able to share my knowledge with people of all ages.

Trinity Music was founded in 1994 after  a short lived time as "Faith Recording & Production Studios."  Originally started as a teaching studio only, we now offer a complete repair service for most instruments as well as a store front filled with various instruments, books, and accessories.
Here at Trinity Music we provide quality lessons on your choice of instrument, all at an affordable price.  With over 37 years teaching music to students of all ages, you will be able to learn your favorite instrument, no matter what style you choose.   We also teach theory, as well as  how to read music on your instrument.  Lessons are offered year don't stop for the summer!
We also offer afternoon lessons for those students who are home schooled!
Positively the best you can be!
It is our mission to engrave a positive attitude towards your music lessons.  Being positive in all you do will result in a positive and rewarding experience.
When Can The Students Start?

Students can start as soon as they are able to recite their ABC's and count to at least 10, but this is not always the case.  Some children can grasp on to music at an earlier age and adults, believe it or not, can still learn to play an instrument as well.  You really only need the time to practice your instrument and the desire to learn.  Of course this needs to be backed by positive reinforcement by the teacher and the parents.  You see...anyone can learn an instrument!

Year round lessons?

It is of utmost importance that when you take on any musical instrument, you should consider lessons year round.  A recent study has proven that a student who takes year round lesson (not stopping for the summer) will advance faster and excel on their instrument.  Most students who stop for the summer months, do not practice their instrument as often as they should (some not at all), so they tend to fall behind as much as 3 months.  Is it worth stopping?  How much do you want to learn your instrument?  Consider lessons year round!

What about tests, certificates and recitals?

Tests are important as well.  What better way to know that you also know the theory behind the instrument!  Passing a test on your instrument gives you satisfaction as well as a certificate showing others you know your instrument.  When it comes to recitals...what better way to overcome your fear of stage-fright!

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